Visit Jajce

Jajce, the town of stone, light and water, royalty and an open air museum, was built on the shores of two great rivers – Pliva and Vrbas. Jajce is a city in nortwestern Bosnia and Herzegovina. Because of its historical importance, its townscape value, its archeological remains and the beauty of its surroundings, the former royal town counts as one of the main destinations for travellers in Bosnia.

Jajce was first built in the 14th century and served as the capital of the independentKingdom of Bosnia during its time. The town has gates as fortifications, as well as a castle with walls which lead to the various gates around the town.

About 10–20 kilometres from Jajce lies the Komotin Castle and town area which is older but smaller than Jajce. It is believed the town of Jajce was previously Komotin but was moved after the Black Death

What to see:

17 meter high waterfall in the center of the town
Jajce fortress (incl. city walls and bastions)
Catacombs and underground church
Pliva lakes and water mills
Temple of the god Mithras>
Church of Saint John the Baptist
Museum of AVNOJ (history museum about Second World War and Yugoslaw partisans resistance)

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